• Michael Tucker

Email Deliverability with Return Path

Updated: Jun 16

Our June 2018 episode of Marketo Virtual User Group centered around Email Deliverability using a Marketo LaunchPoint partner, Return Path. It's a tricky topic given that spam filtering software is always evolving and adapting to protect people from a growing number of threats online. But, as marketers, how do we ensure that our email messages and offers aren't mistakenly caught by these filters?

Adam Blinzler, leader of the Tampa / St. Pete Marketo User Group, joined us to host this session and discussed the work that he did with PODS to help improve the deliverability on their Marketo instance.

Learning Lessons

Some of the issues that are discussed here include:

  • How to configure your Domain name settings to help with deliverability

  • An overview of different tools that are available from Microsoft and Google to help measure deliverability

  • Email Suppression lists and the art of IP warming

Email Deliverability with Return Path by Adam Blinzler

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