• Michael Tucker

Deep Dive: Using Marketo for Multiple Brands

Marketo is widely known as a marketing automation platform that’s scalable to meet the various needs of large enterprises. What’s not as commonly known is that Marketo comes pre-built with all of the tools to handle marketing operations for businesses with multiple brands. You really just have to configure the platform to work in a way that matches the needs of the many different brands in your firm.

So you’re a Marketo admin who has been tasked to work with more than one brand. Where do you begin to update your instance? Should everyone in your marketing department have access to all of your company’s brands or are there specific marketers designated to work on specific brands? When a lead from a specific brand becomes marketing qualified, are they treated in a different manner than leads from other brands?

In my recent presentation to the Indianapolis Marketo User Group, we went through all of the major considerations when designing your Marketo instance to work with multiple brands. We even went through a few fictitious examples continuing from our General Mills cereal brands article about configuring multiple domain names in Marketo.

Topics we discussed:

  • Users: Matching marketers in your marketing department using Marketo workspaces

  • Brand Management: What are the right conditions to organize your brands using Dynamic Content versus Inherited Tokens in Marketo?

  • Domains Names: How do you configure your Domain Names for different brands so that Marketo sends email from the right addresses that are signed for email deliverability?

  • CRM Lead Routing: What’s the right way to configure your Salesforce.com instance to manage leads that are sent from Marketo?

  • Social Media Marketing: How do you configure your Social Media advertising platform to deal with Marketo leads from different brands?

  • Brand Identity: How do you design your Design Studio Email and Landing Page templates to incorporate key elements in your brand identity?

  • Reporting: How do you separate your reporting from different brands to demonstrate the results of each brand or the bottlenecks that are preventing success?

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