• Michael Tucker

Marketo Leaders unite for first Spring 2020 Roundup

Updated: Jun 16

Yesterday was a fun day. For the past 3 months, Warren Stokes at Kniva and I have been taking advantage of the massive amount of virtual content available across all of the Marketo User Groups by attending all of them around the world. With a considerably smaller amount of flying time, we've been able to capture so much learning and meet marketing professionals that we would never have met otherwise. So we had to share it with all of you in our very first (but definitely not our last) Marketo User Group Roundup.

Watching the Marketo community switch to a virtual format has been a rare bright spot in an otherwise turbulent past few months. Who knew that our User Group Leaders would find such interesting and engaging ways to keep the learning culture going while maintaining such valuable learning content on Marketo and the overall marketing environment.

On this edition, we have a lively discussion about new user groups, the content they presented, and key ways to nurture our members. We're joined by the following User Group Leaders:

For more videos like this from all of the different Marketo User Groups we've discussed, please visit the Marketo Virtual User Groups Youtube channel.

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