• Michael Tucker

10 Ways to Improve Your Database Quality in Marketo

Updated: Jun 16

For our January 2019 Marketo Virtual User Group meeting, we were lucky enough to have Elliott Lowe join us from RingLead. Elliott is well renowned in the Marketo Champion community and spoke about a number of issues that impact database quality as a Marketo instance matures over time.

What you'll learn in this session

Here are just a few of the challenges that you may face in your own Marketo instance which are addressed in this presentation:

  1. How do you locate and reduce the number of leads that are non-actionable for sales and marketing purposes?

  2. What should I do with leads where an email address bounces back and is invalid?

  3. How do I review and refine my lead scoring model to give a clear picture of where my leads are in the customer journey?

Elliott Lowe, 10 Ways to Improve Your Database Quality

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