• Michael Tucker

Nurturing E-Commerce Customers

Updated: Jun 16

E-commerce was always an important topic from a manufacturing perspective. Sectors like consumer goods have have shifted so deeply with changes in the retail landscape that it demands that we, as marketers, devote at least a portion of our communications plans to drive demand through e-commerce channels. Now in the era of stay at home orders and COVID-19 this need becomes even more prevalent.

Amazon is unquestionably the kind of e-commerce marketplaces, but as more features, reselling, and fulfillment options become available on the platform so does the complexity that marketers need to understand to properly nurture new business and attract repeat customers. This session was filmed with Sammy Schwalb during the Charlotte Digital Summit in 2018 where Robyn Johnson from Best from the Nest was a featured presenter on all things Amazon.

We also heard from Carissa Russell about building Engagement Programs in Marketo using Segmentations and Dynamic Content. Carissa later went on to become a member of the prestigious Marketo Champions and the Fearless 50 class so we were lucky to have her present during this session.

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