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TBT: Our very first MarTech Book Club

Updated: Jun 16

It was an idea that was brewing within the Marketo Champion community for some time, but we finally poured our first cup of book club at the beginning of last year and it tasted pretty good!

Marketo User Group leaders Jessica Kao, Brooke Bartos, Christina Zuniga, Helen Abramova, and Michael Tucker got together to discuss Winner's Dream, an autobiography of then long-time SAP co-CEO Bill McDermott. The book outlined his career from bootstrapping a convenience store in suburban Long Island, to working up the ranks at Xerox through a professional sales career, and finally to culminate with a transition to SAP as a CEO.

Throughout our discussion we learned a lot about different professional aspects of our careers, including:

  • How to personalize the way that you treat your customers to build loyalty

  • How to be tenacious and work through adverse situations in our professional and personal lives

  • How to identify and pivot to different opportunities that present themselves

Tomorrow we're relaunching the Book Club with a special guest interview with an Army Ranger turned Salesforce consultant about transitioning to the corporate world. As we're staying at home these seem like the best times to pause and take stock of what we've learned with friends. It's time for book club!


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